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Looking for marketing agencies, online sellers, dealers, distributors, bulk buyers, boutique, export houses, for marketing or purchasing the following items in bulk given below
1. Cheap kurtis starting from Rs 79. For summer white cotton kurtis are available, and for monsoon dark colour kurtis can be purchased which will not get dirty quickly
2. Foldable washable handbags
3. Mobile phone holders, crochet purses
4. Sunglass/ spectacle holders/lanyards
5. Handkerchief
6. Pillow and cushion covers
7. Caps
8. Handkerchief
9. Apron

Hand embroidery and hand painted items are available on request at an additional cost. The company or personal logo can be embroidered or handpainted as required, Please note that the items can be ordered using VPP . Discount will be offered for bulk, regular orders. For more details send an email with your complete company profile

. Advance payment will be needed for large custom orders.All these products have been developed due to the lack of affordable well designed products in the indian market, which can be easily purchased even in small towns. For example a Iphone phone case will cost more than Rs 1500 in a small town .
Kindly note that due to corporate espionage and corruption , emails from customers are often stolen, allegedly by the associates of bangalore housewife nayanshree hathwar, goan siddhi mandrekar, sunaina, and the content on the website will be only for SEO purposes, due to the low statistical probability of lead generation online