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Handmade crochet purse
Handmade Small crochet purses made from wool
Size : 11 cm X 8 cm
Kindly note that the size can increase as required
Closure : button (custom design possible)
Colour : Blue (different colors available)
Unlike leather, plastic, cloth purses, the size can be increased or decreased to some extent depending on space availability, size of items to be fitted inside. It will not get damaged/spoilt during the monsoon also unlike leather items
Price : Rs 40 per purse
Multicolored purses with design as required by customer available

Other handmade custom designed crochet items available are
1. pen drive holder
2. cheque book holder
3. larger purse (19 cm X 9 cm)
4. handbag
5. mobile holder
6. goggle/spectacle case
7. tablet/ipad holder
8. laptop case
9. coin purse

New designs are being developed on a regular basis. Interested in contacting purse, handbag retailers, wholesalers, dealers, distributors, boutique owners, fleamarket sellers , fashion stores, online sellers for bulk sales. Discounted prices available for regular customers who pay on time.
Price (excluding shipping + postage) : Rs 49 per piece
Customization option with embroidery available
Can be used for wiping dirt, as a handkerchief/napkin if required.
Delivery by VPP only
Photo available on request
Sample requested will be delivered by VPP only
Send email with address, handle length and quantity required to, and

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