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Since the indian government refuses to update/correct its domain ownership records since 2010, and falsely claims that its well paid LIAR employees with dearness allowance,pension who do not pay any money for domains like greedy gujju stock trader amita patel, gurugram greedy optum human resources manager ruchita kinge, own this and other domains of a private citizen, to pay them monthly government salaries at the expense of the real domain investor, the private citizen is forced to place all ads from the ad network to pay the domain renewal fees. The real domain investor is not linked and does not endorse any advertisement, and is posting the link only to avoid penalties from the ad network,since ad income covers part of the domain renewal fees, if anyone objects to any content or link, they can always request removal. Often the ads are in a language or for products the domain investor does not understand, and since the amount is very small, usually $.2 or less, researching the website/link is not economically feasible
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For savoury applications, Diana Food Division has taste solutions developed and tested by the research and development team.
The online jobs area of the website allows users to view international opportunities within the Diana Group of companies, upload files for applications, apply for job offers and receive notifications that correspond to listed experience.
An interactive tool that specifies application, ingredient, flavour, form and profiles helps website users come up with a taste solution customised to their exact needs that can be submitted to Diana Food Division.


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