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Crochet purse - Handmade crochet purse and other items
Cheap kurti - lowest price in India starting from Rs 79
Fabric bag - Foldable washable fabric bag
Clothes, garments - manufacturers and suppliers

Jewelry - manufacturers and suppliers

Dealers, distributors, marketing agencies needed for cheap kurtis, fabric bag, recycled jewelry

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Hoodie apparel


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Are you looking for new unique styles and trends in women's apparel? Want the convenience to shop from the comfort of your home 247/7? If you are shopping for jumpsuits, rompers, dresses, tops & more, Lookeble offers the latest trends and "must have" styles at affordable prices. We cater to all shapes and sizes. Multiple styles for multiple moods or occasions. We ship nationwide and to Canada! Shop now for your next look!


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Natural Ingredients
Please note that because of the unreliable internet connectivity in panaji, goa, the ads are not checked. The ad network penalizes publishers for non-placement of ads, so all ad requests received are copy pasted on the website. Since the websites get almost no visitors other than bots and raw/cbi/ntro employees, verifications of the ads is not worth the time.

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For savoury applications, Diana Food Division has taste solutions developed and tested by the research and development team.
The online jobs area of the website allows users to view international opportunities within the Diana Group of companies, upload files for applications, apply for job offers and receive notifications that correspond to listed experience.
An interactive tool that specifies application, ingredient, flavour, form and profiles helps website users come up with a taste solution customised to their exact needs that can be submitted to Diana Food Division.